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Why Mulch Matters

June 23, 2019

Mulch Helps Retain Moisture Within Soil

Not only does mulch make your landscape look great, but it also helps the trees, plantings, and flowers thrive. A layer of mulch laid over soil can help block out the sun without disrupting irrigation, this allows the soil to stay cooler and wetter for longer. Typically, mulch will reduce the evaporation of moisture from the soil by around 10-50%. So, not only does mulch look great, but it’s also a great tool for water conservation.    

Mulch Can Help Reduce Weeds

When using a combination of mulch and herbicide application the threat of weeds is almost completely eliminated. The type of mulch applied to a landscape does matter, however, and when choosing which to apply you must ensure that the mulch is weed-free. Along with this, the application of the mulch must be even and to an appropriate depth for where it is being spread. Doing this will help prevent creating an environment that allows for weeds to germinate.  

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