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Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

June 20, 2019

Whether you’re a small business or a homeowner, commercial landscaping can benefit you. Landscaping and outdoor maintenance can say a lot about a property owner. A poorly maintained lawn can have a sour effect on a business’s reputation and can be an unfortunate reflection upon a homeowner. Not only that but they can be missing on out on surprising benefits of landscaping.  

While there is certainly aesthetic value in a beautiful landscape, it's more than just something pretty to look at. Commercial landscaping can actually improve your business, boost resale value, and help the environment all through providing you with a serene view.  

Curb Appeal is the most apparent benefit of landscaping.

  • A good curb appeal boosts resale value by 14%. It also gives a lovely first impression to any new guests or clients and attracts the attention of anyone passing your home or business. Potential clients may be drawn in by the landscape and more compelled to seek your business. While current clients feel more assured that you as a company are detail oriented and care about your reputation. It creates a feeling of trust and adds to your credibility.

Increased Productivity is perhaps the most surprising benefit of all.

  • It’s no secret that nature can be relaxing. Interacting with nature can be healing in many ways and proximity to it can increase mood and even provide physical benefits.
  • Being in nature and or viewing scenes of nature can reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and lowers to the production of stress hormones. Having a nice view for employees can in this way increase focus, productivity, and mood. These restoring effects of green scenes also help customers associate your brand with this improved mood.

Environmentally there are many benefits to commercial landscaping as well.  

  • Lawns filter out dust and pollution from the air, providing a carbon sink and trapping all the CO2 around it. They also reduce water erosion into waterways.
  • The best benefit in summer is the cooling effect of the lawn and the shade it provides. Lawns create a climate bubble and help save homeowners and businesses on heating and cooling.  
  • Businesses also have the advantage of being able to present to their customers that they care for the environment.

Call now and we can assist you in making the most of these benefits and help you give a perfect first impression to all your guests and clients.